October 21st – 25th, 2024

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“The National category was created to allow racers in North America without access to a FIM or FIA legal race vehicle, to have a place to race at the rally and keep the entries at a similar cost to previous years (thank you Rally Comp, Tower One and Rally Navigator). Also it was done in conjunction with ASO and the W2RC, because I was adamant that we not take away the ability for North American racers to compete in our rally before I agreed to join the championship. They understand we need to build a pathway for first time riders to experience rally racing and share that experience with amateurs and pros alike” – Darren Skilton, Sonora Rally.

– 2023 Sonora Rally National Class was primarily designed for North American riders / drivers who do not have FIM/FIA license and FIM/FIA legal vehicles but still want to race in North America’s premier rally raid

– Sonora Rally National Class will offer the same roadbooks, same routes (some distance adjustments for fuel needs), same bivouac, same talented racers, same great racing experience

– Sonora Rally Moto National Class (Enduro) is the ROAD to DAKAR prize as well as an Official Dakar Qualifier

– Sonora Rally Moto ROAD TO DAKAR competitors must be non-professional

– Sonora Rally SSV’s ROAD TO DAKAR will be available in the T4 FIA category