October 21st – 25th, 2024

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Rally Insurance

New Benefit! Assistance Crews and Vehicles:

  • You must register the assistance vehicle and occupants with Sonora Rally
  • If vehicle and crew are not registered with the Rally they will not be covered
  • Coverage includes Basic Mexican Liability while on Sonora Rally race and assistance routes. You are now covered while retrieving or servicing a vehicle.
  • Medical coverage while in Mexico while in bivouacs, on race-course and assistance routes. Same coverage as racers!


All Sonora Rally Competitors, registered support crews and registered assistance crew are covered for Mexican Liability and Mexican Medical insurance with the following limitations (this is a partial list, complete limitations supplied on request):

  • Emergency Medical limit: $5,000 Dlls maximum per participant.
  • Coverage starts on March 15th and ends midnight March 20th 2020.
  • Coverage stops when the insured vehicle either finishes the event, withdraws from the event, is disqualified, “declared out of the event” for any reason, or when the event vehicle time has been stopped, or when the event time limit has expired.
  • Coverage is the Insured is covered only when driving or riding in their assigned event vehicle on official Sonora Rally race, liaison or assistance routes. Or in official Sonora Rally bivouacs.
  • The Insured must be a registered driver or a registered co-driver for the event that is being insured.
  • Any accident, damages, or injuries must be reported to the Sonora Rally Organization, or the insurance representative during the time frame of the event.

Coverage excludes (this is a partial list, complete list of exclusions supplied on request):

  • Any injuries when drivers or co-drivers are not in/on their event vehicle.
  • Any damages or injuries incurred when the event vehicle is outside of the official course of the event, or in violation of any traffic laws while in any transit stage of the event.
  • Any damages or injuries when pre-running the event course at anytime.
  • Any pre-existing medical conditions of the insured.
  • Damages to the insured event vehicle, and any other event vehicles.
  • Any participant found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Any and all medical services provided outside the country of Mexico
  • Any non-emergency or non-urgent medical services.
  • Any participate “under” the age of 16 at the time of the event.


Required Insurance

NEW Requirement! Proof of Medical Insurance
All Sonora Rally Competitors, Crews, Adventure Raid, Media and Volunteers must show proof of their home country Medical Insurance. The policy can be registered online on our entry system or provided at registration in Hermosillo.

Mexican Auto Insurance
All racers and support crew are insured for Mexican liability and medical coverage in while racing, while on transit stages and while in the bivouac through the organization. However, your vehicles are not covered on the trip to Hermosillo or home from the rally. Also, your race and support vehicles are not covered for damages or theft during the event and for liability outside the rally routes. You must get additional Mexican insurance and show proof of this at rally registration.

Insurance may be purchased through Instant Mexico Insurance. Mention Sonora Rally for a preferred rate.

Miguel Rico is our representative and will be onsite for the entire event. He can provide policies at registration if needed. Should you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to email him: miguel.rico@prodigy.net.mx


Additional Optional Insurance

Sonora Rally does not cover emergency repatriation or medical expenses outside of Mexico. The following company is not affiliated in any way with Sonora Rally but does offer coverage for these types of events and expenses. Please check the details directly with any provider you may choose.


World Nomads

For repatriation insurance and excess medical coverage

Their Explorer Package covers a myriad of activities including Motor Racing events: https://www.worldnomads.com/usa/help/insurance/buying-travel-insurance/cover-for-activities-sports-and-adventures