How to Arrive:

Arriving By Plane:

  • The start city of Hermosillo has daily flights from MEXICO CITY that connect to major cities all over the world. 
  • There are direct flights from the US cities of Phoenix and Dallas Fort Worth on American Airlines. You can also fly from San Diego via the CBX bridge to the Tijuana airpot on Volaris Airlines.
  • Closest US airports are Tucson (4 hour drive to Hermosillo) and Phoenix (6 hour drive to Hermosillo). Some car rental agencies at these airports allow rental vehicles to travel to Mexico if you purchase their required Mexican Insurance. Please check with the agency directly.

Departing By Plane:

  • The finishing city of San Luis Rio Colorado is 45 minutes from Mexicali Airport where flights to Mexico City are available.
  • Closest US airports
    • Yuma (30 mins drive)
    • Phoenix (3 1/2 hour drive)
    • San Diego (3 1/2 hour drive) 
  • Arriving by Car
  • Hermosillo is a 3hr 30 min drive from Nogales, AZ. 
  • Cross at the Mariposa Port of Entry to avoid Nogales traffic. 
    • Directions: US Highway 19 driving south of Tucson to Exit 4 Mariposa Road. Follow signs to Mariposa Truck crossing driving west 5kms (3 miles) to the border – Photo 1 
  • You must enter through Sonoran Port of Entries. Do not cross in Baja California Port of Entries- they may turn you around if you have a race vehicle and/or charge customs duties on spare parts and tiresMandatory
  • Customs Form and Packing List – Both must be filled out at least 2 weeks prior to entry into Mexico and submitted to organization – also print and carry with vehicle.
  •           Links:   PACKING LISTCUSTOMS FORM  – NOTE: There is a space at the bottom of the customs form to upload documents            UPLOAD Packing list directly onto Customs form 
  • Registration- Vehicle must have original registration paperwork, including race vehicle. 
  • Letter from Sonora Rally and Sonora Tourism – Sonora Rally Letter of Invitation
  • Mandatory FMM immigration form will be necessary for everyone coming into Mexico by land.
  • If you cross by land you must stop at KM 21 FMM Checkpoint to fill out or provide your “pre-filled” form. (to “pre-fill” out and print your FMM online: Click Here FMM)  They will check your form and your passport and give you a stamp. This is FREE if you are in Mexico for less than 7 days or it is $30 US if you are here for more than 7 days. Map /  Instructions below – THIS IS MANDATORY
  • Directions to KM21: After crossing into Mexico, follow signs to Hermosillo Cuota Mex Highway 15D to KM 21 to obtain your FMM visitor form (tourist visa) – DISREGARD “Vehicle Permit” area, you will be in the “Free Zone” during the rally. (See Photo 2)
  • TRAVEL VISA INFO – This is different than the above FMM Form – (See Photo 3)
  • Link of Countries who do NOT need VISA
  • Link of Countries who DO need VISA
  • NOTE: If you currently hold a valid multiple entry visa from Canada, United States of America, Japan, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or any of the countries that make up the Schengen Area and your visa is valid during your entire stay in Mexico, you do not need a visitor visa to enter Mexico as a tourist/visitor as long as you do not stay in Mexico for more than 180 days nor work in Mexico. If you land in the USA and cross the land border your US visa is valid for travel to Mexico.


– If you bring more than $10,000 US cash you must declare it at the border crossing. 
– Do not bring across full gas cans or drums (they must be empty). 
– You are allowed to bring in spare tires and parts for the rally, but if customs agents consider your parts to be excessive or as possible merchandise for retail they may charge duty.