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Rallye Raid style race in Mexico

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March 17-22, 2019


Sonora, Mexico

Press Release

Dakar Rally joins forces with Sonora Rally to
bring Dakar Challenge to North America



February 17, 2016

Sonora Rally Update 2

* Win a free entry to Dakar Rally *

Quinn Cody, last year’s winner negotiates the dunes in Sonora, Mexico



LONG BEACH, CALIF. -- The idea behind the creation of Sonora Rally was to build an event to help spur the growth of rally raid type rallies in North America. There are iconic rally raid events on every continent except North America, so there was a need here for an event to build a community where all types of racers and enthusiasts can learn, compete and discover new challenges, and a new way of riding. We are pleased to announce that ASO, Dakar Rally organizers, also support this vision and has chosen Sonora Rally to be a part of the Dakar Challenge for 2016.


This exciting news means that those eligible motorcycle racers that register for the Dakar Challenge at the 2016 Sonora Rally can win a free entry into the 2017 Dakar Rally.


“This is amazing news for the Sonora Rally and Dakar enthusiasts in Mexico, the US and Canada” says rally director and two time Dakar class winner Darren Skilton. “It means we will be able to reward the winner of the Dakar Challenge with the ultimate prize that all rally enthusiasts dream about, an entry ticket to the Dakar Rally.”


"The ASO is delighted to be part of this great adventure.  Beyond the common sporting aspects between the Sonora Rally and the Dakar (navigation, dune crossing, road-book...), the two events share the same spirit of discovery, adventure, and ultimate desert experience. We look forward to welcoming the winner of the Dakar Challenge within the community". - Marc Coma, Dakar Sporting Director, 5 times Dakar Winner.


Motorcycle entrants will be able to register for the Dakar Challenge on the Sonora Rally web page www.sonorarally.com. There they will find the requirements for eligibility.



The dunes of the Altar Desert bring unprecedented challenge and adventure,
a perfect training ground for those aiming for the Dakar Rally.




The sport of rally raid is defined by its’ long stages, navigation challenges and incredible terrain. The Dakar Rally is the largest and most famous event of its kind and considered the ultimate motorsport challenge. Since 1979, that challenge is often defined by iconic dune stages. The Dakar, now taking place in South America, takes racers to unseen places and on an emotional journey. This is the same type of adventure that Sonora Rally wishes to provide.




From the mountains, to the dunes, to the beaches of the sea of Cortez,
Sonora brings
incredible varying terrain.



“Attending my first Dakar in 1996 and watching the boat leave for Morocco I was instantly hooked on the combination of adventure and intense competition that defined the Dakar Rally. A couple of years later I was racing through Erg Chebbi in the Sahara completely overawed by the dunes. After the rally, while visiting Sonora, I saw the dunes of the Altar Desert and I knew that one day we needed to do a rally here. There is no other rally in North America that offers this type of terrain and navigation challenge. Just like the Dakar.”


Sonora is a unique part of the world, not just of Mexico. It has incredible varying terrain including the only North American erg (a large sea of dunes formed by wind-blown sand), the imposing Sierra Madre mountains and rare deciduous tropical forests.  “One thing that struck me on my first Dakar was traveling through changing landscapes. The mountains gave way to the Sahara, which then turned tropical after crossing the Niger river. Our future vision for Sonora Rally is to share this type of experience in a condensed version.” said Skilton.



Months of scouting new territory brings the best of the Sonora desert to this rally, most of
which has never been raced on before, or even explored by the off-road racing community.


Sonora Rally takes place April 3rd-7th in Sonora, Mexico. Starting in the town of San Luis Rio Colorado and finishing in the resort of Puerto Peñasco, where a new Dakar Challenge winner will be crowned. The people of Sonora look forward to welcoming you all!


Dakar: “A challenge for those who go, a dream for those who stay behind!”



More information can be found on the Dakar Challenge page of the Sonora Rally website:

http://sonorarally.com/details/dakarchallenge.html and the official Dakar Rally website: Dakar.com











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