Live Results

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Live Results

Rallye Raid style race in Mexico

A truly unique race in

North America


March 19-23, 2018


Sonora, Mexico


The Rally Comp device carried on each race vehicle provides provisional incremental timing results as competitors progress through each competitive stage. Several electronic checkpoints are spread across each stage. When each competitor passes through that point, the Rally Comp transmits the time of passing to the tracking system which is then posted on the standing page for each stage. Live ranking of competitors is based on each competitor's start time and their time through each checkpoint. The rankings are provisional and may change once all factors such as penalties are considered after the finish of the stage. The final official results for each stage will be posted as soon as they become available.


Links to live timing will be activated just before each stage start



Prologue Stage Live Results (Monday, March 19) - San Luis to San Luis (short loop)


Day 1 Live Results (Tuesday, March 20) - San Luis to El Golfo


Day 2 Live Results (Wednesday, March 21) - El Golfo to El Golfo (big loop through BIG dunes)


Day 3 Stage 1 Live Results (Thursday, March 22) - El Golfo to Peñasco

Day 3 Stage 2 Live Results (Thursday, March 22) - Peñasco to Puerto Lobos


Day 4 Live Results (Friday, March 23) - Puerto Lobos to Kino Bay


Final Overall Results