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Rallye Raid style race in Mexico

A truly unique race in

North America


March 17-22, 2019


Sonora, Mexico

Tracking - SPOT

SPOT Satellite Tracking

A backup tracker


As a backup to the Rally Comp satellite tracking that all competitors must have, we are recommending you also carry a SPOT device. It's not mandatory, but it's a nice backup safety item to have. If you have an inReach device instead of a SPOT, the same applies, though your setup will be somewhat different than what is described below.


Please use the following information in your SPOT account:

Add this email in your SPOT account for the HELP/SPOT SOV (two hands button) message profile:

Do not add this email address to the Check In/OK, or Custom message profiles.


Please do not use our phone numbers in any message profiles, as we’ll watch only for the SPOT/inReach email messages.


Please send a link for your SPOT shared page to so we’ll be able to check your position during the rally if needed (if Rally Comp fails). Your SPOT shared page link will look something like this:


If you need help during the rally, please use the Rally Comp satellite messaging system, or your cell phone, or your Sat phone first. Only use your SPOT as a backup if all the other devices fail. When using the SPOT, keep tracking ON while out on the course, and press the HELP (two hands) button if you need help and could not get through with your Rally Comp, cell phone, or Sat phone. We will not receive any SOS/911 messages from your SPOT, so don’t use that button if you are trying to get help from the rally organization.