Safari Class

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Rallye Raid style race in Mexico

A truly unique race in

North America

March 17-22, 2019

Sonora, Mexico



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Safari Class

What's the Safari class all about?

Adventure, Challenge, and Experiencing the Thrill of a Dakar style Rally!


The Safari class is for enthusiasts wanting to participate without a fully-prepped race car or isn't ready for the pressure of racing. Join the Safari class and run on selected sections of the course without being timed or scored. Learn how to navigate, Dakar style, during the rally school and with roadbook and digital compass. Get a strong taste of the rally experience and great off-road adventure without the expense of an purpose-built race car or truck!


Required (Safari Car/Truck/SUV):

  • 4-Wheel Drive vehicle highly capable of negotiating deep sand dunes and other challenging terrain.
  • Street Legal
  • Street Licensed
  • Insured with a Mexican insurance policy, readily available for at a small cost, (link to vendors to be provided at a later date).
  • Minimum 31" Tires
  • Seat Belts for all in vehicle, worn and strapped in at all times while in vehicle
  • Helmets for all in vehicle, worn and strapped at all times while in vehicle
  • Full-size Spare Tire (more than one is preferred)
  • Sand Ramps
  • Hefty tow strap
  • At least 3 liters of drinking water per person in vehicle
  • Garmin or Lowrance GPS with microSD or SD card slot, and capable of displaying downloaded tracks.
  • $200 extra for each additional person in vehicle beyond driver and navigator.
  • Satellite Phone
  • VHF Radio, 5 watts minimum


Strongly Recommended:

  • Shovel (Car/Truck/SUV only)
  • Floor Jack
  • Digital Compass Heading Repeater (this function is built into the ICO Rallye Max-G).
  • SPOT or InReach satellite tracker


NOT Required (but still good to have):

  • Roll cage (car/truck/SUV)
  • Off-road racing experience
  • Resettable rally-style odometer (TerraTrip or ICO Rallye Max-G recommended)


What's planned for the Safari course?

The new Safari Class is intended as an introduction to navigation rally. It is a guided trip, designed for street legal 4 wheel vehicles (Raptors, Jeeps and mild prerunners). You will not be running the stages at speed or scored in results. The trip will be at an easy pace to learn how roadbooks and navigation all work while enjoying the Sonora Rally experience.