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Rallye Raid style race in Mexico

A truly unique race in

North America

March 17-22, 2019

Sonora, Mexico



Presented by

Rally Comp

Rally Comp

The Rally Comp device provides timing, scoring, pass alert, live position track, and and navigation functions


A Rally Comp device is required for all competitors, including cars, UTVs, and motos.


The Rally Comp device will be supplied to competitors at Registration and MUST be used through the full rally.


Competitors MUST utilize the power cable connected to the vehicle 12V battery to power the Rally Comp. All cables for the Rally Comp will be provided with the Rally Comp device. The power cable MUST be wired through a fuse then directly to your vehicle 12V battery rather than through a cigarette lighter socket or similar ignition key controlled power source. If the power to the Rally Comp is interrupted, such as when you shut your vehicle off, it will take longer when powering back up before it is able to perform its functions due to requiring a good GPS lock.


The Rally Comp supports several mounting options, RAM mount, ICO type two stud mount (fits in a traditional ICO position for motos), or other arrangement using some type of bracket attached to the two rear bolt studs.


The newer live position tracking antenna module is not shown except in the View and Dimensions image.


See official Rally Comp info for additional details.


Rear View

Top View

Stud Mounts

RAM Mount Option

Iridium Antenna

View and Dimensions

(PDF for printing)

Rear View Dimensions

(PDF for printing)

Device Description

Race Compliance, Navigation and Safety Instrument




Odometer, Adjustable

Cap Meter / Electronic Compass

Speedometer with audible alerts



Speed Zone Compliance, Tracking, Audible Alerts

Hidden Waypoints (WPM) with penalty Logging, Audible Alert when achieved

Open Waypoints (WPE) with penalty Logging

Show Closed Waypoint with penalty

GPX Track Log

Arrow Guidance for WPMs (normally set for 800m radius in Sonora Rally) WPM validated when within 50m radius.

ODO Auto Set at Waypoints (disabled in Sonora Rally)

Stage Summary displayed at stage finish



Live position tracking via Iridium satellite 2-way link

2-way message communications (for emergencies)

Pass Alert with Audible Alert (cars can "beep" motos when preparing to pass)

Turn On / Show Waypoints with guidance (No Lost Drivers/Riders)

Mandatory STOP at highway crossings and other selected passages, penalty for violation


TIMING (Immediate Stage Results)

Stage Time Calculation

Stage adjusted Time with penalties (Shown WP, Missed WP & Speed Zones)

Wireless stage results transmitted to organization PC at finish line

Results published as riders/drivers arrive at finish


Rally Comp Video Demonstration


This video gives a general overview of the functionality of the Rally Comp. For Sonora Rally the roadbook scroll shown will not be used, as motos will have their own full-size roadbook holders, and cars have navigators to hold and flip through the roadbook pages. For Sonora Rally a few functions shown in this video will not be enabled, or will operate in a slightly different way, though the concepts are similar. The display readability has been improved since this video, so there should not be any issues with that even in the darker environment inside a car. We will publish details instructions on how to use the Rally Comp at a later date. For the most part, you should be able to race the whole day without pushing many buttons on the Rally Comp. It does its thing without much if any user intervention.

Sample Menu Screens