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Rallye Raid style race in Mexico

A truly unique race in

North America

March 17-22, 2019

Sonora, Mexico



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Volunteers Wanted !

Come join us for some fun in the desert. Sonora Rally is looking for a few good men (and women!) to help make this event spectacular!


Because this is a unique desert race with specific needs, we would like to know a little bit about you and your racing experiences and/or enthusiasm. Please fill in the form below as best you can, and we'll see if we can match you and your skills with a task we have that you would enjoy.


Given the event is still some time away, and our exact needs are still being worked out, it may take a while before we get back to you. Please rest assured that we'll look over what you submit and make a serious effort to find you something fun to do!


Some of the tasks we need done, skills we are looking for, and locations where we might need you during the rally are listed below. Clearly we don't expect you to match up with all of these, but matching several would be great!


► Spanish and English speaking

► Knowledge of local San Luis R.C. or Puerto Peñasco or Caborca or Hermosillo areas

► Medical / EMS trained people on-course or ready to zip out to course locations

► GPS and computer technical helpers

► Social Media PR experts

► Start & Finish time keeping and organizing

► Checkpoint and highway crossing control teams

► On-course gate open/close teams

► Course sweep in highly capable 4x4 truck

► Bivouac facilities setup


Race Registration is 17 March, 2019, and race days are 18-22 March, 2019. The ideal period we need help is all these days, March 17-22. An additional day before and after would be even better! If you can't do all those days, we'll try to work with whatever dates you can help.